Life Group

A Life Group (LG) is a small group of between 5 to 20 persons, who meet regularly to study God’s word and fellowship.
An LG is also a place to celebrate, share joys or encourage one another in challenges and difficult times.
Church of Singapore has over 150 LGs who meet regularly. These LGs are arranged either geographically or demographically (e.g. Young Adult LG, Young Parent LG, etc.) Every LG is structured differently based on the needs of the members. Some may even include having a simple meal together.

What Do We Do at Life Group?

Being in an LG will brings you closer to Jesus through regular bible study, and guides you towards spiritual maturity.

Meeting regularly in a small group setting allows us to share life’s journey and build each other in godliness.

Through prayer, we build deeper bonds with each other and develop an initimate relationship with Jesus.

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