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Get connected to the COS family by being a part of a Life Group!

A Life Group (LG) is a small group gathering comprising 5 to 20 persons who meet regularly to study God’s word and fellowship. An LG is also a place to celebrate, share joys, mourn and live life together. Church of Singapore has over 150 LGs meeting regularly. These LGs are arranged geographically or demographically and structured based on the needs of the members. 

Where do LGs meet?

In the homes of our LG hosts. Contact us to find a group near you!

How often do LGs meet?

Depending on which LG you join, the date, time and frequency of meeting differs. Most LG meetings last approximately 2 hours and may include sharing a meal together. Some meet weekly whilst some meet once every 2 weeks. Contact us to find out more!

What do we do at LG?

We worship God through a short time of praise and worship, study God’s word together, pray and share life experiences. As deeper bonds are built within the LG, a deeper and more intimate relationship with Jesus is also developed.

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