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Church of Singapore Roof Garden

Our rooftop garden is finally ready after many months of planting and pruning! As you come and tour the garden and see how bountiful are the Lord’s blessings, we also want to be good users and stewards of what the Lord has blessed us. Please read the rules and regulations of the Roof Top Garden, and familiarize yourselves with the security and safety rules. We want everyone to have a pleasant experience!

Together, let us steward and create a beautiful and productive garden space where fresh produce grows, flowers cultivate, and a sense of community deeply fostered!

1.  This document details the regulations (“Regulations”) governing the use of the church roof garden (“Roof Garden”). The Regulations are formulated based on the original proposal by the Garden Committee (“Garden Comm” – Ong Chiau Ho; Foong Daw Ching; Chan Peng Kin; Leon Lim; Talia Xie) and subsequent discussions between the Garden Comm and COS Admin Team. Changes to the Regulations will naturally occur as usage and operation of the Roof Garden develops. Please always refer to the latest version of the Regulations that is available from the Garden Comm and/or COS Admin.

2.  The church is committed to provide a safe and enjoyable garden for all users. However, we need the cooperation of all users. This document aims to provide guidelines for the usage of this garden with the aim to achieve the abovementioned commitment by the church.

Key Considerations for Regulations
3.  Roof Garden load limit.
a. The Roof Garden has a maximum load capacity of 30 pax at any one time, per the assessment of the structural engineer. Regulations below will help to monitor and ensure that the Roof Garden does not exceed the load capacity at any time.

4.  Safe and responsible user behaviour.
a. Given the rooftop location of the garden, every user of the Roof Garden needs to ensure that they do not endanger themselves or other users of the Roof Garden.

Access to the Roof Garden
5. Roof Garden is open for Garden Members to work on their assigned plots and for pre‐booked, church‐approved events.

6. Users of the Roof Garden (Garden Members/event attendees – “Garden Users”) must sign‐in and sign‐out (with identification) with the church reception (during church office hours) or the security guard (outside church office hours). This is to monitor the load limit of the Roof Garden and ensure the safety of users and the security of the church premises.

7. Access to the Roof Garden will be via a daily smart lock PIN that will be issued to a Garden User when they register with the church reception (during church office hours) or the security guard (outside church office hours).
a. Garden Users are not allowed to share the daily PIN with others. This is to ensure that all Users sign‐in and sign‐out when using the Roof Garden.

8. Operating hours of the Roof Garden are from 7am to 10pm daily, pending the installation of the smart lock. Users to exit by 10pm and lights will switch‐off promptly at 10:15pm. COS wants to be a
good neighbour and does not wish to disturb our neighbours with light and noise past 10pm.

9. Access to the Roof Garden will be suspended, by the decision of the COS Admin Team:
a. For safety reasons – whenever there is bad weather, such as heavy rain or lightning, or a user that may be endangering himself/herself or others.
b. For compliance with the load limit – whenever there are already 30 pax on the Roof Garden. No further access until existing users sign out.
c. For maintenance reasons – whenever there is scheduled or urgent maintenance to be done for the rooftop, Roof Garden or other building maintenance that requires access to facilities
on the rooftop.

Garden Members
10. Application to become a Garden Member is open to all Ordinary Members (e.g. aged 21 years and above) of Church of Singapore. Every application requires the approval of the Garden Committee, with the recommendation of the SIC or LG leader, and is subject to their assessment that the applicant will demonstrate safe & responsible use of the Roof Garden.

11. Garden Committee will provide a current list of Garden Members to the COS Admin Team, so that the receptionist and security guard are able to verify authorized Users.

12. Irresponsible or unsafe use of the Roof Garden, including not signing‐in or signing‐out, may lead to revocation of Garden Member status.

13. If a Garden Member would like to bring a visitor, the Garden Member must ensure that:
a. Non‐Garden Members and/or children (aged 12 years and below) must be accompanied at all times by an adult Garden Member (aged 21 years and above).
b. The Non‐Garden Members and children must comply with the Regulations.
c. The Non‐Garden Members and children must leave the Roof Garden before the Garden Member leaves.

14. Garden Comm and COS Admin Team have decided that usage by Garden Members is on a first come‐first‐served basis, subject to load capacity compliance and pre‐approved events.
a. Garden Comm will communicate to Garden Members that they will not be allowed entry ifthere is already 30pax in the Roof Garden, or if there is pre‐approved event.
b. COS Admin Team will inform the Garden Comm about pre‐approved events or scheduled maintenance that may restrict usage by Garden Members. Garden Comm will be responsible for communicating such information to Garden Members.

Management of Garden Plots
15. Only Garden Members are allowed to work on the plots. Plots will be assigned to each Garden Member by the Garden Committee and it is the responsibility of each member to ensure the proper upkeep of the plot. The general tasks include (but not limited to):
a. Attending regularly to the crop to ensure a healthy crop – watering, trimming, removing of pests etc.
b. Ensuring the water is turned off after use.
c. Clearing of dead leaves on your plots.
d. Disposing waste properly in the bins provided.
e. Ensuring no ponding on your plots. Clayey soil should be loosened to allow water seepage. This is to prevent mosquitoes breeding.
f. If your plants tend to collect water in the leaves, do flush out stagnant water frequently (daily or every other day). Apply mosquito larvicide if required.
g. Cleaning and properly storing away the gardening tools after use. Do not leave lying around anything that can collect water and result in mosquitoes breeding.
h. Ensuring soil and fertiliser be obtained from reliable sources. In particular, animal origin fertilisers (e.g. chicken manure) must have been processed to avoid the introduction of pathogens to the plants.
i. Ensuring no chemical pesticides are used. Chemical pesticides / fertilizer will not be allowed in the Garden as they may pose a risk to human health and damage the environment.

16. What can be planted:
a. The church encourages members to be creative. However, due to constraint, plants that will grow to more than 1 metre in height will be discouraged.
b. Both edible and ornamental plants are encouraged. Edibles include leafy, fruiting and root vegetables. Herbs and spices are also welcome. Companion planting is also very much encouraged.

17. What will be provided by the church:
a. Planting plots with soil
b. Fertilizer (compost)
c. Water & hose for watering the plants
d. Storage area for tools
e. Basic gardening tools (OCH says FDC has asked vendor to supply; MVM to check)

Events Booking
(3 months soft‐launch for Garden Members & Tung Ling Preschool Education before starting other event booking – to assess any operational issues that may arise, and revise Regulations as needed.)

18. Booking of the Roof Garden is allowed for the purposes of approved COS, Service, Ministry or Life Group‐level activities. Booking is to be done through the COS Admin Team
19. Each event booking needs to have a directly responsible individual (DRI) who is either a COS, Service, Ministry, or Life Group leader, or a staff of COS or Tung Ling Preschool Education. The DRI must ensure that all the event attendees comply with all the Regulations, especially the 30 pax load limit and the safety reminders, and ensure all rubbish is disposed of all the end of the event.

20. Bookings must be done at least 1 week in advance booking. This is to give Garden Members sufficient notice of the closure so they can adjust the maintenance timing for their plots.

21. The Roof Garden is currently booked every Wednesday morning by Tung Ling Preschool Education (TLPE) as part of the teaching curriculum for TLPE students. Regular maintenance that may require Roof Garden closure or limit access

22. Requires Roof Garden closure
a. Garden maintenance, twice a month (MVM to work on schedule with vendor)
b. Roof Garden cleaning on Tue afternoon (MVM to confirm with vendor)

23. May limit event bookings or number of event attendees in Roof Garden
a. Washing of air con filters on Mondays
b. Pest control once a month on Saturdays (MVM to try to change to another day).

Safety Reminders 
24. Do not sit or stand on the parapet or the aircon compressor platform. Do not run and exercise caution while walking in the Roof Garden as it may be slippery.

25. Tools must be stored after use and not be left lying around, as the tools may become a hazard for other users.

26. Loose soil and leaves should also be cleaned up and not left lying around the common pathway. It is expected that the common pathway may be wet on occasion and Garden Members should exercise
care while working in the garden.

27. Do not touch the DB boxes, air conditioners, water pumps or any other mechanical/electrical element of building.

28. No cooking or reheating of food allowed in the Rooftop Garden. Properly dispose of all rubbish.

29. No smoking or consumption of alcoholic beverages.

30. No shouting, screaming and other loud noises that may disturb our neighbours. Reminder: Non‐Garden Members and/or children (aged 12 years and below) must be accompanied at all times by an adult Garden Member (aged 21 years and above), and Garden members must ensure that the children & Non‐Garden Members comply with all the Regulations.

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