Our Leaders

Our Elders

Church of Singapore is governed by plurality of elders, where every elder is in agreement regarding decisions, direction and doctrine. Unity as well as unanimity is necessary within the eldership

Chao Tian Kong
Foong Daw Ching
Vice President
Phua Ngak Teck
Honorary Treasurer
Daniel Foo
Honorary Secretary
John Koo
Wong Mun Chung
Committee Member
Tan Peng Ann
Committee Member

Executive Committee

Together with the Elderboard, the Executive Committee was formed to assist in the execution and coordination of the various church ministries and activities.

Foong Daw Ching
Elder / Exco Chairman
Tan Peng Ann
Ministry Head Christian Education / Assistant Service In Charge English Service
Ng Kok Hwa
Assistant Service In Charge English Service
Koh Chin Kok
Service In Charge Cantonese Service
Paul Yeo
Service In Charge Sat & Sun Bilingual Service
Jeffrey Chew
Acting Service In Charge Hokkien Service
Lindy Koo
Advisor - Hokkien Service
Justin Sng
Acting Admin Ministry Head / Head, Young Gen Ministries
Jasmine Ho
Advisor - Admin Ministry
Henry Yeo
Ministry Head Missions
Samson Hu
Ministry Head Teens For Christ
James Ow Yong
Ministry Head Children Ministry
Danny Kwok
Ministry Head Music
Thomas Lau
Ministry Head Evangelism
Roger Neo
Ministry Head Tung Ling Community Services
Peter Cho
Service In Charge Myanmar Service
Lim Zhi Rong
Assistant Ministry Head Teens For Christ / Media
Estella Low
Acting Ministry Head Young Adults / Tung Ling Counselling Centre
Rachel Yim
Assistant Ministry Head Communications
Philip Chia
Service In Charge Filipino Service
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